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Well my username explains it all really I like victini! As well as emolga and meloetta (step form-orange one). For people who have no clue what I am on about those names are of pokemon, my fave pokemon. My journal is not about pokemon because i use the most awesomest community PKMNcollectors for talking about pokemon but you might find my wants there but nothing else even though the sub–title says pokemon but oh well. More towards the point my journal is about video games like Mario, Legend of Zelda, Sonic and so on but i won't talk about Xbox crap because frankly it is genuine crap apart from Sonic though...
Like i said before you can find me over at PKMNcollectors and i only accept people who are on PKMNcollectors as friends so keep that in mine.

If you wanna know the boring stuff here you go: I am a girl living in the north west of england aiming to be a video game designer and to have the most complete victini, emolga and meloetta (step form-orange one) collection but gathers pachirisu stuff here and there :(
If you thought this was boring don't blame yer I only did this out of bordem....
see yer around!